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AromaTouch Technique

This is an oil application technique that involves applying and spreading certain essential oils in specific order on the back, feet and head of the recipient.

£39 for 20 min.

£69 for 50 min.

£94 for 80 min.

£109 for 110 min 

£75 for Zytoscan - free with FULL PRICE Aromatouch And/or essential oil order.


Lymph Drainage 

Many people presume that to detox their bodies, they need to just focus on their diets. Including massage in a regular routine can help towards achieving a full body detox.

1. Helps to improve mood and combat anxiety

It has been suggested that massage can help to improve mood. A 2004 meta-analysis of 37 studiesfound reductions in trait anxiety and depression to be among the greatest effects of massage therapy.

2. Boosts body’s filtration system

Massage has been noted for its ability to stimulate the body’s natural cleansing processes, which can slow down due to such factors as poor diet or insufficient exercise.

3. Can increase energy

Any kind of massage helps to stimulate the body’s circulation, ensuring that blood pumps around the body with greater vigor. The better your circulation, the more energy you can expect to have and the more effectively your organs will function, particularly regarding the elimination of toxins.

50 min for £59.

80 min for £79.

110 min for £99.


Aura Massage

Is manipulating all the energy that lies within you and that surrounds you. It helps you work toward optimal health so you can feel your best and emit positive energy. Every body is one of a kind. With Aura Massage, each therapy session is custom designed to meet your body and mind's needs.

20 min for £19

50 min for £35

80 min for £49 

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